Midi files and sheet music for the Ottawa Slow Jam

The Ottawa (Celtic) Slow Jam is a group of 20 or more musicians which meet once a week at the Ottawa Glebe Community Centre to play mainly Irish music with sheet music at a somewhat slower tempo. The original sheet music can be downloaded from the Carp Celtic Jam web site or from this site. Though the sheet music was produced from abc files it was difficult to find the original abc files used to create this set. In addition there is appendix A which appears to be created by scanning various sheet music (printed or handwritten).

In order to create the MIDI files it was necessary to start with the abc notated music. The tunes corresponding to volume 2 were found in the abc file sessionTunes.abc on the http://www.ceolas.org site. In the case of the other volumes, it was necessary to reconstruct the abc music from the sheet music. Time was saved by finding some of these tunes in abc format on the web using John Chambers' tune finder and modifying them if necessary to comply with the sheet music. In many cases bass/chord accompaniment which was missing in the original pdf files was added. This was done to make the MIDI files easier to listen to. A lot of effort was made to ensure that recreated abc music complies exactly with the original sheet music (including page numbering and formatting). A few errors such as missing repeats or misplaced repeats were fixed.

The midi files were created at two different tempos. If you are learning the tunes and wish to play along with the computer, you should download the collection at 96 bpm. A separate collection was created at 144 bpm, to get a better feel for the music. The midi files for all volumes, addendum and appendix have been put in a single folder.

If you are running windows, midisheetmusic is a nice program which allows you to slow down the tempo and displays the sheet music corresponding to the MIDI file. You can get from http://sourceforge.net/projects/midisheetmusic/

OSJindex.xls a spreadsheet listing the tunes and other info. This index is still a work in progress and will contain detailed information on the rhythm and tonality of the music.

**** July 11 2017 *****

I have replaced the collections OSJmidi96_by_title.zip and OSJmidi144_by_title.zip with CCJ_96bpm.zip and CCJ_144bpm.zip which are based on abc file 'CCJ ABC - All Tunes.abc' found on the Carp Celtic Jam web site

  • OSJ midi files at 96 bpm in one zip file
  • OSJ midi files at 144 bpm in one zip file
  • abc sources
    CCJ ABC - All Tunes.abc
    OSJ_abc_vol1.abc, (updated July 08 2013)
    OSJ_abc_vol2.abc, (updated July 08 2013)
    OSJ_abc_vol3.abc, (updated July 08 2013)
    OSJ_addendum.abc, (updated July 12 2017)
    OSJ_revised_appendix-A (updated June 08 2013)

    music xml representation
    xml_vol_1.zip, (created May 15 2013)
    xml_vol_2.zip, (created May 17 2013)
    xml_vol_3.zip, (created May 17 2013)
    xml_addendum.zip, (created May 18 2013)

    The revised sheet (containing more bass/chord accompaniment) can be downloaded here in pdf format.

    OSJ-vol1.pdf July 08 2013
    OSJ-vol2.pdf July 08 2013
    OSJ-vol3.pdf July 08 2013
    OSJ-addendum.pdf July 21 2015 - Tam Lin transposed to Am
    CCJ_addendum.pdf October 28 2015 (Carp Celtic Jam v1.2)
    OSC-appendix.pdf October 03 2012
    OSJ_revised_appendix-A.pdf June 27 2013 06:50
    OSJ-changes.pdf May 26 2012 updates, changes, additions
    AppendixAPP0140.pdf Dec 01 2017 first half
    AppendixAPP4184.pdf Dec 01 2017 second half
    OSJ_revised_appendix-A.abc May 27 2013 08:10 complete
    For Bb instrument
    OSJ-vol1-Bb.pdf July 08 2013
    OSJ-vol2-Bb.pdf July 08 2013
    OSJ-vol3-Bb.pdf July 08 2013
    OSC-add-Bb.pdf March 11 2013

    The OSC-appendix.pdf does not preserve the lyrics and some of the bowing markings that were present in the original document.

    Numerous discrepancies between the transcribed and original sheet music were found for the abc,pdf,and midi files in volume 1. A list of the changes are given here.

    Please send corrections or comments to :