Folk Dance Video Links from Youtube

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This is a collection of links to Youtube folk dance videos. Those dances marked with an asterisk are dances we do or have done at IFDO. Click here to view this list by country. Click here to view this list by YouTube channel.

Also see for more links to the videos, choreography, dance notes, and music.

There is a similar collection of video links for English country dances on the web page ECD Video List.

There is a separate page indexing the many Israeli dances that we do in Ottawa. See Also see the huge collection at

Sheet music and MIDI files for many of these dances may be found on my webpage



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* A Trip to Kilburn England Simon Maryasin
Aba Shimon Israel kolokoaliton
* Abdala Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Abdala Bulgaria ifdocdfio
Aber mi Dojde Macedonia Danskantvzw
Abrani Shoror Armenia Dancilla
Abrani Shoror Armenia SchneeweisPeter
Achat Shaalti Israel gpknh
Adama Ve Shamayim Israel kolokoalition
* Adjon Az Isten Hungary ifdocdfio
Agadelcha Israel gpknh
Agala Retuma Israel gpknh
Ahava Atika Israel gpknh
* Aj lipo ti je Croatia kolokoalition
* Aj lipo ti je Croatia royisdancing
* Ajde Jano Macedonia royisdancing
* Ajde Jano Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Ajde Jano Macedonia Slowianki
* Ajde Jano Macedonia lrayda
* Ajsino Kolo Macedonia kolokoalition
* Ajsino Oro Macedonia gpknh
* Ajsino Oro Albania fremontfolkdance
Ako Umram Bulgaria hoppahajo
Ako Umram II Zaginam Macedonia Dale Adamson
* Ako Umram il Zaginam Macedonia iraweisburd
* Ako Umrem il Zaginam Macedonia kolokoalition
Akrovatis Greece iraweisburd
Akrovatis Greece Dale Adamson
Al Gemali Israel gpknh
Al Kalaa Lebanon gpknh
Al Kanfe Hakesev Israel gpknh
Al Tira Israel gpknh
Alagoz Turkey gpknh
* Alexandrovsky Israel begodanzas
* Alexandrovsky Israel fremontfolkdance
* Ali Pasa Turkey iraweisburd
* Ali Pasa Turkey royisdancing
* Ali Pasha Turkey SchneeweisPeter
* Ali Pasha Turkey Kolo Dragan
All Shook Up U.S.A. kolokoalition
Allemansmarsj Norway royisdancing
Almino Oro Macedonia Danskantvzw
* Alunelul Romania MundoDanzas
* Alunelul Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Alunelul Romania Irayda
* Alunelul Romania gpknh
* Alunelul Romania tempel33
* Alunelul Romania begodanzas
* Alunelul Romania Dale Adamson
Alunelul Batut Romania Dale Adamson
* Alunelul Batut Romania Dancilla
Alunelul Ca La Cirna Romania Dale Adamson
* Alunelul de la Goice Romania gpknh
* Alunelul de la Urzic Romania gpknh
* Alunelul de la Urzic Romania kolokoalition
* Alunelul de la Urzic Romania royisdancing
Alunelul de la Urzic Romania kolokoaltion
Amarine Israel royisdancing
* Ambee Dageets Armenia SchneeweisPeter
* Ambee Dageets Armenia ifdocdfio
* Ambee Dageets Armenia gpknh
* An Dro Retournee Brittany royisdancing
Ana Bekoach Israel Kolo Dragan
Anavai Israel gpknh
* Andro France begodanzas
* Andro Retourne Bretonnes christ54franc
Ani Ma'amin Israel gpknh
Apat Apat (n'Hele Ti Philipines Danskantvzw
* Arap Macedonia aisinyemaya
* Arap Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
* Arap Macedonia Dancilla
* Arcanul Romania mrnielskristian
Arcanul Batrinesc Romania royisdancing
Arcanul de la Fundul Romania Dale Adamson
Arcanul de la Fundul Romania Dale Adamson
Ardaleana Romania Danskantvzw
Ariciul Romania gpknh
* Armenian Miserlou Armenia iraweisburd
* Armenian Misirlou Armenia Tomzara
* Armenian Misirlou Armenia Darshano
* Armenian Turn Armenia music only
* Arnautsko Horo Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Arnold's Circle England ifdocdfio
* Arnold's Circle U.S.A. royisdancing
Arvolicos dAlmendras Spain royisdancing
Ashir Lachem Israel gpknh
* Ashrei Ha'ish Israel gpknh
* Ashrei Haish Israel Leon Balaban
* Ashun Daje Mori Bosnia ifdocdfio
* Assoulis Armenia gpknh
* Assoulis Armenia Dancilla
* Assoulis Armenia SchneeweisPeter
At Li Or Israel gpknh
Atzay Hatsftsafot Israel gpknh
* Avant deux de traver France omdes
Avre Tu Israel gpknh
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Ba La Israel royisdancing
Bachata de Casino Romania Mirri360
* Backovsko Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Backovsko Horo Bulgaria monivienna
Badad Israel gpknh
Baderech El Hakfar Israel gpknh
* Baidouska Greece Danskantvzw
Bala Israel
Balada Lemayan Israel gpknh
Balle e Osman Takes Albania kolokoalition
* Ballo in Dodici Italy Luciano Casalboni
* Ballos Greece ifdocdfio
* Balta Dreapta Romania ifdocdfio
Baluta Romania SchneeweisPeter
Bamba Odori Japan kolokoalition
* Bannielou Lambaol France Cindycif
Bansko Horo Bulgaria royisdancing
Bapcor Macedonia Kolo Dragan
Barbuncul de pe Vale Romania Cindycif
Barech Aleinu Israel gpknh
* Baris Halayi Turkey ifdocdfio
* Basara Serbia ifdocdfio
Bat Melachim Israel gpknh
Batreneasca Romania Kolo Dragan
* Batrineasc Romania royisdancing
* Batuta Munteneasca Romania kolokoalition
Bavarian Landler Germany Folkdance Noa-am
* Bavno Oro Macedonia Arnatelec
* Bavno Oro Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Bavno Oro Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Bavno Oro Macedonia Dale Adamson
Bavno Pirinsko Oro Macedonia piroska87
Bayrisch Polka Austria SchneeweisPeter
* Bazetan Dantza Spain gpknh
* Baztan Spain kolokoalition
* Baztan Dantza Spain Mirri360
Be'er Basadeh Israel gpknh
* Bela Rada Serbia Kolo Dragan
* Belasicko Macedonia kolokoalition
* Belasicko Oro Macedonia rosecontra
* Belasicko Oro Macedonia gpknh
* Belasicko Oro Macedonia Dale Adamson
* Belasicko Oro Macedonia ifdocdfio
Belletiesdans uit Ta Taiwan hoppahajo
Belo Lice Oro Macedonia iraweisburd
Belo Lice Oro Macedonia kolokoalition
Ben Shnei Levavot Israel gpknh
* Berovka Macedonia gpknh
Bhangra India royisdancing
* Biala Roza Bulgaria Lenn111
* Bicak Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Bicak Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Bichu Matskyama Japan kolokoalition
* Bielolitza Kruglolit Ukraine tjmaloney
* Bielolitza Kruglolit Ukraine shenghsuan
* Biserka Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Biserka Serbia royisdancing
* Biserka Bojarka Serbia kolokoalition
Bistricka Kopanica Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
* Bistriska Kopanitsa Bulgaria chwor151
Black Hills Country U.S.A. Danskantvzw
* Black Nag England jebbydo
* Black Nag England gaitedgardens
* Black Nag England Mirri360
* Black Nag England royisdancing
* Black Nag England 1948MOMO
* Black Nag England Kolo Dragan
* Blame it on the Boss U.S.A. tashman47
* Blame it on the Boss U.S.A. bimboboots
Bo'l Malka Israel gpknh
Boereasca Romania Dale Adamson
Boeren Plof Netherlands begodanzas
Bohemian National Po Czech royisdancing
Boiereasca Romania Mirri360
Boitaneasca Romania gpknh
* Bollywood dance Bollywood dancemasticlasses
* Bordeiasul Romania royisdancing
* Bordieasul Romania kolokoalition
Bosnian Kolo Serbia KUDBehar
* Bossa Nova U.S.A. Folkdance Noa-am
Bouree Droite Du Pay France royisdancing
Bracha Israel Danskantvzw
Bracno Oro Albania royisdancing
* Branle des Chevaux France dioskinoikar
* Brasoveanca Romania GuruRimpoche
* Brasoveanca Romania dragosdemir
Brau Paduranes Romania gpknh
* Brau de pe Valea Bis Romania ifdocdfio
Braul din Fagaras Romania imatron
Brava Moma Bulgaria Dale Adamson
* Bregovsko Bulgaria kolokoalition
Briu Banatean Romania mrnielskristian
Briul pe Sase Romania hoppahajo
Briul pe Sase Romania hoppahajo
* Briul pe opt Romania kolokoalition
* Briuletul Romania ifdocdfio
Brza loza Serbia royisdancing
* Bucimis Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Bucimis Bulgaria royisdancing
Buenek Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Bufcansko Macedonia kolokoalition
* Bufcansko Macedonia royisdancing
* Bufcansko Macedonia kolokoalition
Bugarka and Pesacka Serbia mikadunav
* Byala Roza Bulgaria dianabg67
* Byala Roza Bulgaria mayyamarinova
* Byala Roza Bulgaria anvland
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Ca La Breaza Romania CatalinaCaplescu
* Cacak Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Cacak Macedonia croweberry
* Cacak Kolo Serbia SerbBaby
Camceto Macedonia inbows
Canim Lerik Turkey gpknh
Canim Lerik Turkey kolokoalition
Cano Turkey gpknh
Cape Breton Jig Scotland royisdancing
Carnaval de Lanz Spain begodanzas
* Carnavalito Bolivia royisdancing
* Carnavalito Bolivia SchneeweisPeter
* Carnavalito Bolivia begodanzas
Castle Schottische U.S.A. royisdancing
* Cekurjankino Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Cekurjankino Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Celbinsko Horo Bulgaria royisdancing
* Celebinsko Horo Bulgaria inbows
Cemen Turkey royisdancing
Ceresnicky Czech SchneeweisPeter
Ceresnicky Czech fremontfolkdance
Cesma Sarena Bulgaria kolokoalition
Cesma Sarena Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
* Cetvorno Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Cetvorno Bulgaria bulgarijalietuviskai
Chalomot Israel royisdancing
Chalomot Israel kolokoalition
Chalypso U.S.A. royisdancing
Chapelloise France Begona Rodriguez
Charleston Madison U.S.A. kolokoalition
* Chastushky Russia Mirri360
* Chatushky Russia Dale Adamson
Chef Romania kolokoalition
Chef Romania Romania Kolo Dragan
* Chetvorno Horo Bulgaria mihailnedev
Chilili Bolivia Mirri360
Chilili Bolivia Leon Balaban
Chilli Bolivia royisdancing
* Chiotikos Greece panoptikon1
Cholat Ahava Israel royisdancing
Churshat Haekaliptus Israel gpknh
Cica Obrenovo kolo Serbia hoppahajo
Cicino Dete Serbia Danskantvzw
Cicinoto Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Cigancica Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Ciganica Macedonia croweberry
Ciganja Romania Dale Adamson
Ciganko Bulgaria royisdancing
Ciganko Bulgaria Paulinobrener
* Ciganko Serbia kolokoalition
* Cimpoi Romania shemlapaka
* Cimpoi Romania imatron
* Cimpoi Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Cimpoi Romania sychou814
* Cimpoi Romania ifdocdfio
* Cimpoi Romania Kolo Dragan
Cimpulungului Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Cinege Hungary plazaartscenter
* Cinege Hungary gpknh
* Cinege Hungary bluedl2002
* Cinege Hungary ifdocdfio
Cintec Romania iraweisburd
Ciobanasul Romania Dale Adamson
* Circassian Circle England Danskantvzw
* Circassian Circle England genwolke
* Circassian Circle Ireland begodanzas
Circle from Sarid Israel Danskantvzw
* Ciuleandra Romania sychou814
* Ciuleandra Romania latoszanka
* Ciuleandra Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Ciuleandra Romania kolokoaliton
* Cobankat Albania kolokoalition
* Cobankat Croatia Danskantvzw
* Cobankat Albania royisdancing
Cocek Serbia lrayda
Cocek Carolina Roma Roma kolokoalition
Cocek, Romanian Romania royisdancing
Codreneasca Romania Kolo Dragan
Corridinho de Nazare Portugal Begona Rodriguez
* Corrido Mexico SchneeweisPeter
* Corrido U.S.A. royisdancing
* Coskun Coruh Turkey sychou814
* Coskun Coruh Turkey gpknh
* Coskun Coruh Turkey Kolo Dragan
Cotton Eyed Joe U.S.A. kolokoalition
Crihalma Romania mikadunav
Crnogorka Serbia kolokalition
* Crnogorka Skopska Macedonia Kolo Dragan
* Csanadi Leanytanc Hungary dgonz33
Cukanoto Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Cumberland Reel Scotland begodanzas
* Cumberland Square England Folkdance Noa-am
* Cumbia Semana Columbia Kolo Dragan
* Cupino Kolo Serbia zjanies
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* D'Hammerschmiedsg'se Germany Mirri360
* D'Hammerschmiedsgese Germany Dale Adamson
Da Mi Dojdes Macedonia Dale Adamson
* Daichovo Horo Bulgaria Istilelife
* Daichovo Horo Bulgaria dimov8
* Daichovo Horo Bulgaria Lenn111
* Dajcovo Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Damat Halayi Turkey nilufernihalhale
* Damat Halyi Turkey bbayburan
Damul Romania gpknh
* Dana Romania inbows
* Dana Romania royisdancing
* Dana Romania royisdancing
* Dana Romania plazaartscenter
Dancin in the street U.S.A. Danskantvzw
Das Fenster Germany Dale Adamson
Dashing White Sargen Scotland MundoDanzas
* David Melech Israel Israel gpknh
* David Melech Israel Israel Hageulah
De Dubbelslag Netherlands Danskantvzw
De Vlegerd Netherlands Danskantvzw
* De Waltz Zeeman Netherlands criminalchris
* De Waltz Zeeman Netherlands energiadeluz
Debarska Svadba Macedonia kolokoalition
Debka D'ror Israel gpknh
Debka Dikla Israel gpknh
Debka Dror Israel royisdancing
Debka Dror Israel Kolo Dragan
Debka Hachamor Israel gpknh
Debka Hashalom Israel kolokoaliton
Debka Kafrit Israel Danskantvzw
Debka Medabeket Israel gpknh
Debka Medabeket Israel kolokoalition
Debka Mimuna Israel Danskantvzw
Debka Oud Israel gpknh
* Dedo Mili Dedo Macedonia sychou814
* Dedo Mili Dedo Macedonia gpknh
* Dedo Mili Dedo Macedonia dunavfolk
* Delile Turkey SchneeweisPeter
Denyovo Horo Bulgaria vimeo
Dere Croatia kolokoalition
Devichinja Khorodnay Russia Kolo Dragan
Devichya Khorovodnay Russia Dale Adamson
Devichya khorovodnay Russia Dale Adamson
* Devojko Mar Hubavo Bulgaria ifdocdfio
Dhivaratikos Greece royisdancing
Die Woaf Austria SchneeweisPeter
Dipat Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Divcibarsko Serbia kolokoalition
* Divlevo Macedonia ifdocdfio
Djakovsko Bulgaria kolokoalition
Djevojcica Roze Bral Croatia Kolo Dragan
* Djurdjevka Serbia drebhuhn
Dobri ljo Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Dobrudjanska Pandela Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Dobrudjanska Reka Bulgaria regidaws
* Dobrudzanska Pandela Bulgaria gpknh
* DodiLi Israel royisdancing
* Dodili Israel sychou814
Dojdi Dojdi Bulgaria Dale Adamson
Dojdi Dojdi libe le Bulgaria gpknh
Dontia Pikna Greece SchneeweisPeter
Dorfler Mazur Austria begodanzas
Dorfler Mazur Austria Begona Rodriguez
Doroshka Russia kolokoalition
Dos Amantes Israel gpknh
* Dospatsko Horo Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Dospatsko Horo Bulgaria gpknh
* Doudlebska Polka Czech Mirri360
* Doudlebska Polka Czech royisdancing
* Doudlebska Polka Czech Dale Adamson
* Doudlebska Polka Czech royisdancing
* Dramskoto Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Dramskoto Macedonia kolokoalition
* Dramskoto Bulgaria royisdancing
* Dramskoto Bulgaria Dale Adamson
* Dramskoto Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Drianovska Racenica Bulgaria royisdancing
* Drjanovska Racenica Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Drmes Iz Zdencine Croatia Irayda
* Drmes Iz Zdencine Croatia Dale Adamson
Drumui Dracului Hungary begodanzas
Drumul Draculi Romania Begona Rodriguez
Dudacka Polka Czech royisdancing
Duke of Kents England ncfcasc
Dunavsko Horo Bulgaria Dale Adamson
Dunavsko Horo Bulgaria drebhuhn
Dunavsko Horo Bulgaria Sveta141177
* Dunavsko Horo Bulgaria vasildimitrov
Dura Romania kolokoalition
* Durdjevica Serbia ifdocdfio
Dvadzti Tritzdi Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
Dzanguritsa Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Dzanguritsa Bulgaria ifdocdfio
Dzumbus Gypsy iraweisburd
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E Huli Makao Hawaii royisdancing
E Shukar Romnji Hungaria kolokoaltion
Easter Thursday England ncfcasc
Edno Ime Imame Macedonia Dale Adamson
Edno Ime Imame Macedonia Dale Adamson
Edno Ime Imame Macedonia iraweisburd
Edno Ime Imame Macedonia gpknh
Edno ime imame Macedonia iraweisburd
* Edno ime imame Macedonia iraweisburd
Eich Af Hazman Israel gpknh
* Einfacher Dreher Austria SchneeweisPeter
* Einfacher Dreher Austria ifdocdfio
* Einfacher Dreher Austria Dancilla
Ej prid dona sohaju Slovakia SchneeweisPeter
* El Cerro de la Silla Mexico 115jazz
* El Cerro de la Silla Mexico bonda2000
* El Cerro de la Silla Mexico JensenMovies
* Eleno Horo Bulgaria velka01
Eleno Kerko Macedonia Dale Adamson
* Eleno Mome Bulgaria royisdancing
* Eleno Mome Bulgaria Sveta141177
* Eleno Mome Bulgaria VMROmakedonka
* Eleno Mome Bulgaria ralvesmar
Elenska Racenica Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
Eliyahu Hanavi Israel gpknh
* Elu Tsiporim Israel ifdocdfio
* Elul Tsiporim Israel sychou814
* Ena Bushi Japan MundoDanzas
* Ena Bushi Japan begodanzas
* Enas Mythos (Kos) Greece SchneeweisPeter
Erdeleanca Kolo Hungary iraweisburd
Eretz Eretz Israel Dale Adamson
Eretz Eretz Israel Israel kolokoaliton
Eretz Yisrael Yaffa Israel gpknh
Eretz Yisrael Yaffa Israel royisdancing
* Erev Ba Israel gpknh
* Erev Ba Israel SchneeweisPeter
* Erev Ba Israel Hageulah
* Erev Ba Israel gpknh
* Ersko Kolo Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Eshebo Israel royisdancing
Eshebo Israel gpknh
Eshebo Israel kolokoalition
Eshkolit Israel gpknh
* Esmer Turkey plazaartscenter
* Esmer Turkey crispercas
* Esmer Azerbaijan ifdocdfio
Esperando na janela Brazil SchneeweisPeter
Eten Bamidbar Israel gpknh
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* Farmer's Quadrille England ifdocdfio
* Fatise Kolo Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Fedelesul Romania angeleyesro
Fedelesul Romania tatarubois
* Five Figure Cacak Serbia iraweisburd
* Floricia Olteneasca Romania chezoik
* Floricia Olteneasca Romania kolokoaliton
* Floricia Oltenesca Romania kolokoalition
Floricica Romania mrnielskristian
* Floricica Olteaneasc Romania Kolo Dragan
* Floricica Olteneasca Romania Irayda
* Floricica Olteneasca Romania imatron
* For a Birthday Hungary ifdocdfio
* For a Birthday Hungary kolokoaliton
Fresno Armenia gpknh
Frunza Romania SchneeweisPeter
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Gaida Romania kolokoalition
Gaida Romania gpknh
Gaida Gynekios Greece SchneeweisPeter
Gajda Greece Dale Adamson
Galoppa Italy royisdancing
* Galyam, Galyam Bulgaria drebhuhn
* Gankino Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Gankino Horo Bulgaria Sveta141177
Garliceana Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Garoon Armenia 7AGAPO7
* Garoon Armenia ifdocdfio
* Garoon Turkey sychou814
Garzona Greece gpknh
Gavotte da Honneur France royisdancing
* Gay Gordons Scotland felaseandy
* Gay Gordons Scotland begodanzas
* Geamparalele Romania mrnielskristian
* Geamparalele din Bab Romania CarpathiaDC
* Gerakina Greece Dale Adamson
* Gjusevka Racenica Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Glavnisko Cetvorno Bulgaria kolokoalition
Go Fatile Mome Macedonia iraweisburd
Go Fatile Mome Macedonia gpknh
Go Fatile Mome Macedonia iraweisburd
Gocino Kolo Serbia kolokoaltion
* Godecki Cacak Serbia kolokoalition
* Godecki Cacak Bulgaria gpknh
* Godecki Cacak Serbia Mirri360
* Godecki Cacak Bulgaria sychou814
Gong Xi Ni China Dale Adamson
Goose Chase England Dale Adamson
Gopak Ukraine SchneeweisPeter
Goralski Poland royisdancing
Goralski Poland kolokoalition
Goralsky Poland musicafolkdanza
* Gorani Armenia royisdancing
Gorarche Albania kolokoalition
Gorbetchijsko Oro Macedonia kolokoalition
* Gori More Serbia Dale Adamson
Gori More Serbia lrayda
Gori More Serbia royisdancing
* Gori More Serbia iraweisburd
Graovsko Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
Gruckoto Bulgaria kolokoalition
Grukoto Bulgaria kolokoalition
Gruzanka Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Gugutkino Oro Macedonia royisdancing
* Guhniga Armenia SchneeweisPeter
* Gulli Turkey ifdocdfio
* Gulli Gulli Turkey royisdancing
Gulsum Turkey royisdancing
Gumbo Slide U.S.A. royisdancing
Guzelhan Turkey gpknh
Gvanim Israel gpknh
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Ha Alma Israel Danskantvzw
* Hagvuot Hachulot Israel fongkinming
* Hagvuot Hachulot Israel sychou814
* Hagvuot Hachulot Israel gpknh
* Hagvuot Hachulot Israel fremontfolkdance
* Hajde Merre Furken Albania Leon Balaban
Hajde Merre Furken Albania kolokoaltion
* Hajde Merre Furken Albania ifdocdfio
Hajdna Levu Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Hakke Tone Netherlands Danskantvzw
Halleluya Btziltzlei Israel gpknh
Halleluya Lashalom Israel gpknh
* Hambo Sweden royisdancing
Hame'antezet Israel Dale Adamson
* Harmonica Israel gpknh
* Haroa Haktana Israel gpknh
* Haroa Haktana Israel SchneeweisPeter
* Haroa Haktanah Israel Danskantvzw
* Hasapiko Greece hvolden
Hasapikos Natane To Greece gpknh
Hashoter Azulay Israel kolokoaliton
* Hashual Israel Dale Adamson
* Hashual Israel Dale Adamson
Hasipiko Souromenos Greece iraweisburd
Haskovska Lesa Bulgaria inbows
Hassapico Mozart Greece Dale Adamson
Hatmunot Sheba'album Israel gpknh
Hatsulka Ukraine gpknh
Havu Lanu Yayin Israel Danskantvzw
Haymakers Jig Ireland Dale Adamson
He Cane Turkey royisdancing
Hetlinger Bandriter Germany Dale Adamson
* Heyamo Turkey royisdancing
* Heyamo Turkey kolokoalition
Hiatamadl Austria SchneeweisPeter
High Green Mountain Taiwan Dale Adamson
* High Green Mountain Taiwan Dale Adamson
* Hineh Ma Tov Israel Dale Adamson
Hineh Ma Tov Israel LeonardaVito
* Hineh Ma Tov Israel sychou814
Hineh lanu Nigun Yes Israel Danskantvzw
* Hineh ma Tov Israel kolokoalition
Hiney Ma Tov Israel royisdacning
Hokkaido Bon Ula Japan Kolo Dragan
* Hole in the Wall England ifdocdfio
* Hole in the Wall England CatGirlPink
* Hole in the Wall England ifdocdfio
* Homoljanka Kolo Serbia ifdocdfio
* Homoljanka Kolo Serbia rikudeyam
* Homoljanka Kolo Serbia ifdocdfio
Hopa Diri Da Gypsy musicafolkdanza
Hora Chadera Israel Begona Rodriguez
Hora Chatuna Israel gpknh
Hora Cheffer Israel gpknh
Hora Ciobanita Romania Dale Adamson
* Hora Femeiler Romania gpknh
Hora Femeilor Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Hora Fetelor Romania Kolo Dragan
* Hora Fetelor Romania kolokoalition
* Hora Fetelor Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Hora Fetelor Romania gpknh
* Hora Fetelor Romania gpknh
Hora Habika Israel gpknh
Hora Keff Israel Danskantvzw
* Hora Lautereasca Romania dunavfolk
Hora Mamtera Israel gpknh
Hora Mamtera Israel Mirri360
Hora Mare din Bukovi Romania kolokoalition
* Hora Medura Israel Hageulah
* Hora Medura Israel sychou814
* Hora Medura Israel begodanzas
* Hora Miresii Romania Kolo Dragan
* Hora Miresii Romania Kolo Dragan
* Hora Miresii Romania Kolo Dragan
Hora Miresii Romania plazaartscenter
Hora Mugur Mugurel Romania gpknh
Hora Nirkada Israel kolokoalition
Hora Nunilor Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Hora Nuntasilor Romania kolokoalition
* Hora Nutasilor Romania royisdancing
* Hora Nutasilor Romania royisdancing
* Hora Nutasilor Romania ifdocdfio
Hora Nuti Romania SchneeweisPeter
Hora Nutii Romania kolokoaliton
Hora Ofitereasca Romania shockyisandra
* Hora Olteneasca Romania ifdocdfio
Hora Poiorenilor Romania kolokoaliton
* Hora Veche Romania Motti Kotzer
* Hora Veche Romania imatron
* Hora Veche Romania vistafolkdance
* Hora Veche Romania Dale Adamson
* Hora Veche Romania monivienna
* Hora Veche Romania kolokoalition
Hora Vlacha din Vale Bulgaria Danskantvzw
Hora ca la Mahala Romania kolokoaliton
* Hora de Mina Romania royisdancing
* Hora de Munte Romania Mirri360
* Hora de Munte Romania royisdancing
Hora de la Mare Romania kolokoalition
* Hora de la Munte Romania ifdocdfio
Hora de la Munte Romania kolokoalition
* Hora de la Munte Romania musisanti
* Hora de la Munte 2 Romania ifdocdfio
Hora de la Perieni Romania mkroto1
Hora de la Perieni Romania Cindycif
Hora de la Saratoga Romania royisdancing
* Hora de la Soroca Romania Dale Adamson
* Hora de la Soroca Romania ifdocdfio
Hora de la Soroca Romania royisdancing
* Hora de la Titu Romania ifdocdfio
Hora de la rezina Romania royisdancing
* Hora din Campie Romania kolokoalition
* Hora din Campie Romania royisdancing
* Hora din Campie Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Hora din Caval Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Hora din Caval Romania Hageulah
Hora lui Chisar Romania gpknh
* Hora pe Gheata Romania HighScopeFolkDance
Hora pe Sase Romania Kolo Dragan
* Horehronsky Cardas Hungary gpknh
* Horehronsky Czardas Hungary royisdancing
Horo Na Pesen Bulgaria royisdancing
* Horohronsky Csardas Hungary SchneeweisPeter
* Horon-Alta es La Lun Greece royisdancing
Horovod Ukraine SchneeweisPeter
Hovergakan Armenia gpknh
Hozanki Turkey kolokoalition
Hula E Huli Makor Hawaii royisdancing
* Humppa (T Smidje) Belgium 4thejoyofit
Humppa (T Smidje) Belgium Jef Verstraeten
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* I Love a Rainy Night U.S.A. josyluciab
* I Love a Rainy Night U.S.A. 2LillyLee
* I Love a Rainy Night U.S.A. kkokit
* I Love a Rainy Night U.S.A. 1LillyLee
* I Love a Rainy Night U.S.A. ursus0549
* I Love a Rainy Night U.S.A. rhodalai
* Idam ne Idam Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
* Idam ne Idam Bulgaria kolokoalition
Igrajte mi Muzikasi Croatia Dale Adamson
Ijswals Holland royisdancing
Ikariotikos Greece kolokoalition
* Ikariotikos Greece PurdueHSA
Ikariotikos Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Ikariotikos Greece Tomzara
* Ilu Tziporim Israel fremontfolkdance
Im Rotzim Israel Kolo Dragan
* Im Rotzim Israel sychou814
* Im Rotzim Israel gpknh
Imala Majka Macedonia Dale Adamson
Imala Majka Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Imate Li Vino Macedonia gpknh
* Ina Ina Romania ifdocdfio
Incalcita Romania kolokoalition
Inshala Israel gpknh
* Invartita din Castau Romania CarpathiaDC
Inverness French Canada Dale Adamson
Irish Spirit Ireland aourele
Irish Spirit Ireland vtu168
Isos Greece SchneeweisPeter
Ispanyol Kasabi Turkey gpknh
Israel Israel Israel gpknh
* Isreali Mazurka Israel sychou814
* Iste Hendek Turkey gpknh
* Iste Hendek Turkey kolokoalition
* Iste Hendek Turkey royisdancing
* Itele Romania gpknh
* Itele Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Itele Romania ifdocdfio
* Ivanica Macedonia monivienna
* Ivanice Macedonia royisdancing
* Ivanice Macedonia kolokoalition
* Ivanice Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
* Iz Banju Ide Serbia Danskantvzw
Izrucana Bulgaria hoppahajo
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Jankinata Bulgaria gpknh
* Jas Na Lanka Macedonia iraweisburd
* Jas Na Lanka Macedonia iraweisburd
* Jas Na Lanka Macedonia iraweisburd
Jasmine Flower China Dale Adamson
Jatros Greece iraweisburd
* Jaws Cacak Serbia ifdocdfio
* Jeitili Lebanon ifdocdfio
* Jetili Lebanon Dale Adamson
* Jiana Romania 1948MOMO
Jiffy Mixer U.S.A. Danskantvzw
* Jo Jon Armenia iraweisburd
Joc Romania Dale Adamson
* Joc Batranesk Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Joc Batrinesc Romania lshyde
Joc Tsiganesc Romania imatron
Joc de Bata Romania kolokoaliton
Joc de Doi Romania royisdancing
* Joc de Fete Romania gpknh
* Joc de Leagane Romania winagunn
* Joc de Leagane Romania kolokoalition
Joc din perechii din Romania Danskantvzw
* Joc in Patru Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Jovana Jovanke Macedonia royisdancing
* Jovano Jovanke Macedonia croweberry
* Jovano Jovanke Macedonia Leon Balaban
* Jove Male Mome Bulgaria shemlapaka
* Jove Male Mome Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Jove Male Mome Bulgaria gpknh
* Jove Male Mome Bulgaria royisdancing
Juice of Barley England anerdydancer
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* Kacerac Serbia ifdocdfio
* Kafan Wedding Dance Armenia kolokoalition
Kaholo Step Hawaii Dale Adamson
Kak Pri Balkye Russia royisdancing
Kak po Logu Russia kolokoalition
Kak po Logu Russia SchneeweisPeter
Kak pri balkje Russia SchneeweisPeter
* Kalajdzisko Macedonia ifdocdfio
* Kalamatianos Greece kledrew
* Kalamatianos Greece PurdueHSA
Kalanit Israel gpknh
* Kalenin Dibinde Turkey drebhuhn
Kalinkino Bulgaria kolokoalition
Kalla Teimaniya Israel gpknh
* Kalu Raglayim Israel DanceNissim
Kan Badarom Israel gpknh
* Kanasztanc Hungary gpknh
* Kapuvari Verbunk Hungary vcsilla89
* Karadag Macedonia umutcanserbest
* Karagouna Greece royisdancing
* Karagouna Greece gpknh
* Karagouna Greece SchneeweisPeter
Karakachansko Bulgaria musicafolkdanza
* Karamfil Bulgaria gpknh
* Karamfil Bulgaria Dale Adamson
* Karamfil Bulgaria royisdancing
Kardamska Zborenka Bulgaria royisdancing
* Kasapsko Oro Macedonia kolokoalition
* Kasapsko Oro Macedonia gpknh
Kasatschok Ukraine SchneeweisPeter
* Katyusha Russia fremontfolkdance
* Kendime Turkey Dale Adamson
Ketri Ketri Gypsy iraweisburd
* KhumKuma Armenia SchneeweisPeter
Ki Eshmera Israel gpknh
Kievskii Hopak Ukraine gpknh
* Kiitko Zelena Kraven Macedonia royisdancing
Kiritiko Serviko Greece iraweisburd
Kirmizi Biber Turkey kolokoaliton
Kirya Israel gpknh
* Kisa Pada Croatia Dale Adamson
Kitko Zelena Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Kivrak Zeybek Turkey Danskantvzw
Kjustendilsko Horo Bulgaria velka01
Kleftes Greece royisdancing
Klezmer Israel Hageulah
* Klezmer Israel Haguelah
* Klezmer Israel SchneeweisPeter
* Klezmer Israel snunitwarsaw
* Kloca Bulgaria wjatur
* Kloca Bulgaria ifdocdfio
Knodeldrahner Austria royisdancing
Koce Berberot Macedonia Cindycif
* Koftos Greece wDanidis
* Koftos Greece PsilaVouna
* Koftos Greece vliatsos
Kohanochka Russia Folkdance Noa-am
Kohanotschka Russia SchneeweisPeter
Kol ma Shekadim Israel kolokoalition
* Koljovo Horo Bulgaria ifdocdfio
Kolo Dragan Serbia Kolo Dragan
Kolo U Dvoje Serbia hoppahajo
Kolo de Srem Serbia begodanzas
Kolo von Srem Croatia SchneeweisPeter
Kolubarski Vez Serbia kolokoalition
* Konyali Turkey SchneeweisPeter
* Konyali Turkey gpknh
Kopacka Macedonia mikadunav
* Kopacka Macedonia winagunn
Korica Albania kolokoalition
Koritsa Albania royisdancing
* Korobushka Russia begodanzas
* Korobushka Russia begodanzas
* Korobushka Russia royisdancing
* Korobushka Russia fremontfolkdance
* Korogulu Turkey ifdocdfio
* Kortanc Hungary SchneeweisPeter
* Kortanc Hungary royisdancing
* Kortanc Hungary Mirri360
Kost ar Choad France Brittany Mirri360
* Kostursko Macedonia kolokoalition
* Kostursko Oro Macedonia royisdancing
Kozachok Ukraine kolokoalition
* Krajdunavsko Bulgaria kolokoaliton
* Krajdunavsko Horo Bulgaria tapanar74
Krebspolka Austria SchneeweisPeter
* Kreutz Konig Germany Folkdance Noa-am
* Krici Krici Ticek Croatia lrayda
* Krici Krici Ticek Croatia Dale Adamson
Kritiko Serviko Greece iraweisburd
Kritiko Serviko Greece Dale Adamson
Kritikos Servikos Greece Dale Adamson
* Kritikos Syrto Greece kolokoalition
* Kritikos Syrto Greece SchneeweisPeter
Kritikos Syrtos Greece royisdancing
Kriva Kruska Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Krivata Bulgaria drebhuhn
Krivatvorena Serbia Dale Adamson
Kruchmarsko Bulgaria iraweisburd
Kruzmarsko Bulgaria kolokoalition
Kuckuspolca Germany begodanzas
* Kujawiak Poland kolokoalition
* Kujawiak Poland royisdancing
* Kujawiak Poland gpknh
* Kukunesko Horo Bulgaria chwor151
Kukunjesce Serbia kolokoalition
Kukunyasa Bulgaria Danskantvzw
Kulska Bacvanka Bulgaria begodanzas
Kulska shira Bulgaria vstanisa
* Kulsko horo Bulgaria oaviaschtl
Kuma Echa Israel gpknh
Kumu Na'ale Israel gpknh
Kvar Acherei Chatsot Israel gpknh
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* La Bastringue French Canada royisdancing
* La Bastringue French Canada furrypaws
* La Bastringue French Canada PartnershipDancing
* La Bastringue French Canada Dale Adamson
* La Bastringue French Canada Mirri360
* La Bastringue French Canada Dale Adamson
La Champloise France royisdancing
La Farandole French Canada Mirri360
* La Laride Brittany Dale Adamson
* La Montagnarde France Moreno Zaia
* La Montagnarde France cdaccordeon
La Musata Armani Romania SchneeweisPeter
La Ricou la la Taiwan gpknh
* La Vida Total Peru ifdocdfio
La Virondee France royisdancing
* Lakodalmi Tanc Hungary kolokoalition
Laner Vlibsamim Israel gpknh
* Langdans Scandinavia Dale Adamson
Langdans fran Soller Sweden royisdancing
* Laride France elTonioFolk
* Las Alazanas Mexico ifdocdfio
Latsafon Bea'Ahava Israel kolokoalition
Latzafon Be'ahava Israel Kolo Dragan
Layla Layla Israel gpknh
* Laz Bar Armenia Bagrad911
* Laz Bar Armenia Tomzara
* Le Bal de Jugon Brittany yendoful
Le Basque England Danskantvzw
* Le Maitre de la Mais France patrickfeldner
* Le maitre de la mais France MZef2009
Lea Musat Armina Romania gpknh
* Lebedushka Russia Mirri360
* Lebedushka Russia gpknh
Lefkaditikos Greece hoppahajo
Leganata Romania kolokoalition
* Legnala Dana Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
* Legnala Dana Macedonia kolokoalition
Lemonia Greece royisdancing
* Lenochek Russia SchneeweisPeter
* Lenochek Russia musicafolkdanza
* Lenos Greece ifdocdfio
* Lerikos Greece rikiadivi
* Lerikos Greece Leon Balaban
Les P'tits Chars French Canada Dale Adamson
Les Petits Chars French Canada Dale Adamson
* Les Saluts French Canada BanteerNS
* Lesi Macedonia kolokoalition
* Lesi Macedonia ifdocdfio
Lesno Oro Macedonia Danskantvzw
* Lesnota Medley by NA Macedonia regidaws
* Lesnoto Medley Macedonia ifdocdfio
* Levi Jackson Rag U.S.A. royisdancing
* Levi Jackson Rag U.S.A. royisdancing
* Levi Jackson Rag U.S.A. danceofmaths
Lezginka Russia Folkdance Noa-am
Li Lach Israel gpknh
Li Zamri Moledet Israel gpknh
Lian Hua China royisdancing
* Licko Kolo Croatia royisdancing
* Licno Stojne Macedonia kolokoalition
Lifnei Shenifradin Israel gpknh
Lile Lile Bulgaria gpknh
* Liliano Mome Macedonia sychou814
* Liliano Mome Bulgaria gpknh
* Liljano Mome Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Liljano Mome Bulgaria royisdancing
* Limbo Rock U.S.A. Folkdance Noa-am
Lindy Hop U.S.A. royisdancing
Ljaski Bulgaria hoppahajo
Lo Ahavti Dai Israel gpknh
Lo Ahavto Dai Israel Kolo Dragan
Loosnee Shogov Armenia gpknh
* Lousiana Saturday Ni U.S.A. sychou814
* Lucille Waltz Australia Dancemania Perth
Ludo Mlado Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
Lunica, Dobra Vecer Croatia kolokoalition
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* Ma Navu Israel Danskantvzw
* Ma Navu Israel NewarkFolkDancers
Ma'oz Israel gpknh
* Macarena Spain vaneni82
* Macarena Spain ptiitemangue
* Macazice Serbia Danskantvzw
Machol Rachel Israel kolokoalition
* Made in Romania Romania kolokoalition
* Made in Romania Romania royisdancing
* Made in Romania Romania ifdocdfio
* Madocsai tancok Hungary zlalyos
* Maica Romania kolokoalition
Mairi's Wedding Scotland royisdancing
* Makazice Serbia MundoDanzas
* Makazice Serbia Kolo Dragan
* Makazice Serbia kolokoalition
* Makazice Serbia begodanzas
Makedonka Serbia oaviaschtl
Makedonska Gajda Macedonia mikadunav
Makedonska Svadbarsk Macedonia MacedonianBoy76
* Makedonski Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
Makedonsko Macedonia monivienna
Malesevsko Oro Macedonia hoppahajo
* Malhao Portugal kolokoalition
* Malhao Portugal Mirri360
Malisevsko Horo Bulgaria Sveta141177
* Malisorka Macedonia DareTase
* Malisorka Macedonia Svekrvino
* Malisorka Macedonia ifdocdfio
Malo Banatsko Kolo Croatia bikikic
Mamanyashka Branila Russia royisdancing
Maolin Love Song Taiwan gpknh
Maple Leaf Rag U.S.A. kolokoalition
Maple Leaf Rag U.S.A. gpknh
* Maple Leaf Rag U.S.A. kolokoalition
Maple Leaf Rag U.S.A. Folkdance Noa-am
Mareseska Macedonia umutcanserbest
* Mari Marijko Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Maricensko Bulgaria kolokoalition
Marikinata Bulgaria kolokoalition
Maya Israel Danskantvzw
* Mayim Israel Mirri360
* Mayim Israel Danskantvzw
* Mayim Israel Dale Adamson
* Mayim Israel gpknh
* Mayim Israel SchneeweisPeter
* Mayim Israel Dale Adamson
* Mayim Israel royisdancing
* Mayim Israel begodanzas
Mazurca Di Saint'And France Mirri360
Mazurca di Saint And Italy royisdancing
Mazurka mit dem tuch Germany Dale Adamson
Mechol Halahat Israel Dale Adamson
Mei Hanechalim Israel gpknh
Men Gulem Turkey royisdancing
Menousis Greece begodanzas
Menoussis Greece SchneeweisPeter
Meryem Ana Turkey royisdancing
* Metovnicanka Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Metziut Acheret Israel royisdancing
Mexican Mixer Mexico Dale Adamson
Mia Kori Greece royisdancing
Mikarov Israel gpknh
* Milanovo Kolo Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Milanovo Kolo Serbia kolokoalition
Milo mi e Mamo i Opa Bulgaria kolokoaliton
* Mindrele Romania kolokoalition
Mischak Hadmaot Israel gpknh
* Misirlou Greece sychou814
* Misirlou Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Misirlou Greece Lenn111
* Misirlou Greece begodanzas
* Misirlou Greece kolokoalition
* Misirlou Greece Kolo Dragan
* Misirlu Greece Begona Rodriguez
Mitro Bulgaria inbows
Mitro Mitro Bulgaria kolokoalition
Moj Maro Albania iraweisburd
Moj Maro Albania Kolo Dragan
* Moja Diridika Croatia kolokoalition
Mollner Landler Germany Dancilla
* Mom Bar Armenia SchneeweisPeter
* Momino Horo 2 Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Momino Oro Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Momino Oro 2 Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Moravac Serbia beograd4ever
Mori Cupi Kosturcank Macedonia kolokoalition
Mori Shej Hungary Vava0086
* Mori Shej Hungary kolokoalition
Mori Shej Hungary drebhuhn
Mori Shej-Cigan Tanc Hungary royisdancing
Mr Beveridges Maggot England ncfcasc
Muhlviertler Landler Germany Dancilla
Muiere Muire Romania musicafolkdanza
Muthar Turkey hoppahajo
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Na Lugu Russia SchneeweisPeter
* Na Purt Bulgaria Dale Adamson
* Na Purt Bulgaria Dale Adamson
Na'ama Israel Danskantvzw
* Nabrala Croatia kolokoalition
* Nabrala Croatia lrayda
* Nabrala Croatia gpknh
* Nabrala Croatia ifdocdfio
* Nabrala Croatia Lenn111
* Nama Drmes Medley Croatia Dale Adamson
* Narino Turkey ifdocdfio
* Narino Turkey monivienna
* Narino Armenia royisdancing
* Narodno Oro Macedonia lrayda
* Narodno Oro Macedonia royisdancing
* Narodno Oro Macedonia ifdocdfio
* Narodno Oro Macedonia inbows
Naroy Naroy Turkey Kolo Dragan
Ne Fel Lanyom Hungary iraweisburd
Ne Felj Lanyom Hungary kolokoalition
Ne Veruje Srce Pamet Croatia Dale Adamson
Ne Veruje Srce Pamet Croatia Dale Adamson
Ne si go Prodavaj Ko Macedonia ctcgreenvalley
* Ne si go Prodavaj Ko Macedonia croweberry
* Ne si go Prodavaj Ko Macedonia ifdocdfio
Ne'imat Hashikorim Israel gpknh
* Neapolitan Tarantell Italy sychou814
* Neapolitan Tarentell Italy SchneeweisPeter
Neda Grivne Serbia kolokoalition
Neveno Nevenke Bulgaria iraweisburd
* Never on a Sunday Greece royisdancing
* Never on a Sunday Greece gpknh
Nevesto Mori Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Night in Shanghai China yafeidance
Nine-Pin Reel England royisdancing
* Nino Armenia ifdocdfio
Niska Banja Serbia royisdancing
Nitzanim Israel gpknh
Nitzotz_Ha'Ahava Israel gpknh
Noord Zuid Galop Netherlands Danskantvzw
Norwegian Lee Scandinavia kolokoaltion
* Nottingham Swing Ireland Phil Preen
* Nottingham Swing Ireland Red Fox Celidhs
Novo Zagorsko Horo Bulgaria inbows
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Od Lo Ahavti Dai Israel Dale Adamson
Od Lo Ahavti Dai Israel Dale Adamson
Odeno Oro Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
Oedonikonbashi Japan kolokoalition
Oj Nase Armenia SchneeweisPeter
Oj devojko duso Macedonia royisdancing
* Olahos Hungary kolokoalition
* Omal Greece SchneeweisPeter
Omonia Greece SchneeweisPeter
One for Jean Scotland/U.S.A. royisdancing
* Op Sa Sa Romania sychou814
* Opa Cupa Serbia Dale Adamson
* Opa Cupa Serbia ifdocdfio
* Opa Cupa Serbia kolokoalition
* Opa Cupa Kolo Serbia gpknh
Opa Opa Nisiotikos Greece iraweisburd
Opas Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Opinca Romania royisdancing
* Opinca Romania kolokoalition
* Opincuta Romania Dale Adamson
* Opincuta Romania gpknh
* Opincuta Romania royisdancing
Opsa Romania royisdancing
Opsa Serbia Irayda
Opsa Serbia iraweisburd
Opsa Diri Croatia royisdancing
Or Chadash Israel kolokoaliton
* Orient Serbia kolokoalition
* Orient Serbia royisdancing
Osmitsata Bulgaria Danskantvzw
* Ostrapat Romania ifdocdfio
Ovcepolska Potrculka Macedonia Kolo Dragan
* Ovcepolsko Oro Macedonia ifdocdfio
* Ovcepolsko Oro Macedonia drebhuhn
* Oy Memo Turkey drebhuhn
Oy Memo Turkey royisdancing
Oy Nase Armenia SchneeweisPeter
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* Paidushko Horo Bulgaria vasildimitrov
* Pajdushko Horo Bulgaria velka01
* Pajdushko Horo Bulgaria Lenn111
* Pajduska Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Pajdusko Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Pajdusko Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Pajdusko Belco Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
Pajdusko Iglika Bulgaria royisdancing
* Pajdusko Oro Macedonia simkimon
* Pajdusko Oro Macedonia Makedonier
* Pajdusko Oro Macedonia hoppahajo
Pandalas Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
* Papouri Armenia ifdocdfio
* Papouri Armenia shtamalo
* Paraliakos Greece royisdancing
* Paraliakos Greece Dale Adamson
Paschaliatokos Greece drebhuhn
Pat's Tradition U.S.A. Danskantvzw
* Pata Pata South Africa candy6jan
* Pata Pata South Africa jennsimmons23
Pata Pata South Africa kolokoalition
* Patch Dance Israel ifdocdfio
* Pentozalis Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Pentozalis Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Pera Stous Greece Danskantvzw
* Pera Stous Pera Kamb Greece gpknh
* Pera ston pera campo Greece begodanzas
* Pera ston pera campo Greece MundoDanzas
* Perinita Romania LechM1941
* Perinita Romania MrSmardiosed
* Petrecere Roma noemidancefolk
* Petrecere Roma noemidancefolk
Petricko Horo Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
Petronella England Dancilla
* Petronella Scotland danceofmaths
* Petronella Scotland thuenger
* Phiravelman Kalyi Ph Roma andyfindhorn
Pijani Logovac Croatia kolokoaliton
Pilioritikos Greece SchneeweisPeter
Pilky Czech royisdancing
* Pinosavka Serbia kolokoalition
Pirot Serbia Kolo Dragan
Pitat Me Mamo Macedonia drebhuhn
Pitat Mi Mamo Bulgaria iraweisburd
Plataniotikos Nero Greece SchneeweisPeter
Pleskavac Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Pleskavac Kolo Serbia Mirri360
Pletenica Yugoslavia gpknh
Pljeskavac Serbia kolokoalition
Poghonisios Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Poghonisios Greece ifdocdfio
Pogonisios Greece Dale Adamson
* Pogonisios Greece Danskantvzw
Polca din Batrani Romania kolokoaltion
Polca din Batrani Romania royisdancing
Polomjena Ruza Serbia iraweisburd
Polomjena Ruza Serbia Dale Adamson
Polomjena Ruza Serbia Dale Adamson
Polska fran Amot Sweden royisdancing
Pomasko Sirto Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Pomasko Sirto Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
* Popovicanka Serbia gpknh
Popsko Horo Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Porodinka Kolo Serbia fremontfolkdance
Postie's Jig Scotland royisdancing
Postonu Ludo I Mlado Israel gpknh
Povlekana Bulgaria Sveta141177
* Povrateno Macedonia kolokoalition
* Pravo Bulgaria royisdancing
Pravo Cepelarsko Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Pravo Cepelarsko Hor Bulgaria royisdancing
* Pravo Horo Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Pravo Plovdivsko Hor Bulgaria Danskantvzw
* Prekid Kolo Serbia Dale Adamson
* Prekid Kolo Serbia Dale Adamson
* Prekid Kolo Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Prepecior Serbia ifdocdfio
Prince of Tango U.S.A. gpknh
* Promenade a trois French Canada ifdocdfio
* Promoroaca Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Promoroaca Romania begodanzas
Prosetah Se Bulgaria royisdancing
Purtata de pe Mures Romania royisdancing
Pustanka Macedonia kolokoalition
Pustono I Mlado Bulgaria hoppahajo
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* Raca Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Raca Serbia ifdocdfio
* Raca Serbia royisdancing
Raca Plava Croatia SchneeweisPeter
Racenica Na Horo Bulgaria royisdancing
Rachamin Israel gpknh
* Rachel Israel ifdocdfio
Rachenica na Horo Bulgaria kolokoalition
Rade Rade Bulgaria kolokoalition
Rade Rade Bulgaria royisdancing
Radile Bulgaria gpknh
Raglayim Temaniot Israel Dale Adamson
Raka Serbia royisdancing
* Rakkas Turkey tzsm98
Ramo Ramo druze moj, Serbia kolokoalition
Rano Rani Bulgaria Dale Adamson
Rano e Radka Ranila Bulgaria royisdancing
Raspukala Macedonia iraweisburd
Raspukala Sar Planin Macedonia iraweisburd
Raspukala sar Planin Macedonia Dale Adamson
* Ratevka Macedonia Kolo Dragan
* Ratevka Macedonia umutcanserbest
Ratukas Lithuania Folkdance Noa-am
* Ravno Macedonia kolokoalition
Razaseasca de pe Val Romania gpknh
Rechenka Russia Danskantvzw
Reinlender Norway royisdancing
* Reyhan Armenia gpknh
* Rezijanka 1 Slovenia ifdocdfio
* Rezijanka 2 Slovenia ifdocdfio
* Rezijanski Slovenia Turan1964
* Rezijanski plesovi Slovenia dusanmisic1
Rheinlaender Austria SchneeweisPeter
Rheinlander Germany Danskantvzw
Rhodopsko Horo Bulgaria lrayda
Rikud Chalutzim Israel kolokoalition
Rikud Haprachim Israel gpknh
* Ripna Maca Bulgaria kolokoalition
River Dance Ireland hoppahajo
Road to the Isles Scotland fremontfolkdance
Roata Romania gpknh
* Robin Ddiog Wales royisdancing
* Romska Gaida Bulgaria ifdocdfio
Romska Gajda Bulgaria kolokoaltion
* Rond Bigouden Britany leslavandiereserquy
* Rorospols Norway royisdancing
* Round Dance Russia sychou814
* Royal Empress Tango England Folkdance Noa-am
* Rumelaj Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Rumelaj Romania Dale Adamson
* Rumelaj Romania royisdancing
* Rumelaj Romania begodanzas
* Rumelaj Romania Kolo Dragan
* Rusi Kosi Bulgaria archvonk
* Rusi Kosi Bulgaria kolokoalition
Rusmarien Kolo Serbia SchneeweisPeter
Russkaya Hora Russia gpknh
* Rustemul Romania kolokoaliton
* Rustemul Romania kolokoalition
* Rustemul Romania Mirri360
* Rustemul Romania Mirri360
* Rustemul Romania royisdancing
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Sa Sa N Ca Serbian Serbia royisdancing
Sa from Bujanovac Gypsy iraweisburd
* Sadi Moma Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
Sadila Moma Bulgaria iraweisburd
Sadila Moma Bulgaria gpknh
Saites Greece SchneeweisPeter
Sajojo Indonesia baleobaleo's channel
Salajan Romania SchneeweisPeter
Salama Greece kolokoalition
Salcuiara Romania gpknh
* Sallama Turkey gpknh
* Sallama Turkey Mirri360
* Sallama Turkey Mirri360
* Sally in Our Alley England grandstaffnc
* Salty Dog U.S.A. sychou814
* Salty Dog Rag U.S.A. royisdancing
* Salty Dog Rag U.S.A. lauari
Samarina Greece SchneeweisPeter
Samoth Israel Begona Rodriguez
* Sandansko Horo Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Sandansko Horo Bulgaria kolokoalition
Sandansko oro Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Sano Duso Serbia kolokoalition
* Sano Duso Serbia MundoDanzas
* Sano Duso Serbia Kolo Dragan
* Sapari Israel ifdocdfio
Sapari Israel Kolo Dragan
* Sapri Tama Israel sychou814
* Sapri Tama Israel gpknh
* Sapri Tama Israel royisdancing
Sapril Dobri Bulgaria inbows
* Sarba Zarnestenilor Romania ifdocdfio
Sarba de la Tulcea Romania hoppahajo
Sarba de la Vulcanes Romania gpknh
* SarbaBatuta Romania royisdancing
* Sarbeasca Romania royisdancing
Sarplaninsko Turkey kolokoalition
* Savila se Bela Loza Serbia royisdancing
* Savila se Bela Loza Serbia kolokoalition
* Sborenka Bulgaria gpknh
Schiapa Romania Kolo Dragan
Sea Wave Hawaii Kolo Dragan
Sean Truibhas Willic Scotland royisdancing
* Sedi Donka Bulgaria sychou814
* Sedi Donka Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Sedi Donka Bulgaria hoppahajo
Sej Bop Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Sej Sej Bop Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Seleneje Schito Russia ifdocdfio
Seljancica Croatia kolokoalition
Seljancica Kolo Croatia Danskantvzw
Sellinger's Round England anerdydancer
Semmame Turkey kolokoalition
* Serbian Kolo Serbia Danskantvzw
Serbian Kolo Serbia mikadunav
Serez Serbia Kolo Dragan
Servico Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Sestorka Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Sestorka Serbia gpknh
* Sestorka Serbia Leon Balaban
* Setnja Serbia royisdancing
* Setnja Serbia Dale Adamson
* Setnja Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Sev Acherov Aghcheek Armenia SchneeweisPeter
* Sev Acherov Aghcheek Armenia sychou814
* Sev Acherov Aghcheek Armenia Shenghsuan
* Sev Acherov Aghcheek Armenia Mirri360
* Sev Acherov Aghcheek Armenia gpknh
Sevdino Bulgaria kolokoalition
Sfarlis Greece SchneeweisPeter
Sfarlis Greece Kolo Dragan
Shabbat Mathah Israel gpknh
Shabbat Menucha Israel gpknh
* Shabbat Menucha Israel Kolo Dragan
* Shabbat Menucha Israel royisdancing
Shai Israel gpknh
Shan Yueh Tao Hua China Dale Adamson
Sharm Hare Golam Israel Begona Rodriguez
Sharm a Sheikh Israel Dale Adamson
Shav El Adamati Israel kolokoalition
Shav El Admati Israel gpknh
She Ya'ale Ha'or Israel gpknh
* Sheikhani Armenia kolokoalition
Sheleg Al Iri Israel gpknh
Sheni Shoshanim Israel gpknh
Shibbolet Basadeh Israel Danskantvzw
Shibolet Basadeh Israel gpknh
Shir Al Etz Israel gpknh
Shir Hahaflaga Israel gpknh
Shir Hashirim Israel gpknh
Shir Lachoti Israel gpknh
* Shiri Li Kineret Israel Alejandra Meiojas
Shiri Li Kineret Israel gpknh
Shiru Hashir Israel gpknh
Shkarim Israel royisdancing
Shoks Medley Serbia Dale Adamson
* Shopka Macedonia mikadunav
Shufni Israel Danskantvzw
* Siamsa Beirte Ireland Folkdance Noa-am
Sibirskaja Russia begodanzas
Siebenbuerger Rheinl Austria SchneeweisPeter
Siebenschritt Austria SchneeweisPeter
Silovacko kolo Serbia kolokoalition
Simi Yadech Israel Danskantvzw
* Sirba Romania mrnielskristian
* Sirba Din Cimpoi Romania gpknh
Sirba Din Slatina Romania gpknh
Sirba Ofitereasca Romania Danskantvzw
Sirba din Bacao Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Sirba pe Loc Romania SchneeweisPeter
* Sirba pe loc Romania Irayda
* Sirba pe loc Romania kolokoalition
* Siriul Romania kolokoalition
* Sirtaki (Hasapikos) Greece bbayburan
* Siruil Romania ifdocdfio
Sitna Baluca Bulgaria Mirri360
* Sitna Baluca Bulgaria kolokoalition
Sitna Baluca Bulgaria royisdancing
* Sitna Baluca Bulgaria kolokoalition
Sitna Lisa Macedonia umutcanserbest
* Sitna Zborenka Bulgaria Mirri360
* Sitna Zborenka Bulgaria kolokoalition
Sitno Vlashko horo Bulgaria vasildimitrov
* Skarazula Marazula France ifdocdfio
* Skarazula Marazula France saschalupo
Skotse Fjouwer Netherlands Mirri360
* Skudrinka Oro Macedonia ifdocdfio
Slavej mi peje Macedonia Kolo Dragan
Sleeping Kujawiak Poland Folkdance Noa-am
Snosti Minah Kate Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Snosti Minav Macedonia kolokoalition
Sobotki Poland Dale Adamson
Sofijsko Sopsko Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Sofo Shel Ka'itz Israel gpknh
* Softly Good Tummas England JJ Drinkwater
* Softly Good Tummas England 0720Lindsay's channel
* Softly Good Tummas England Sascha Lupo
* Softly Good Tummas England English Country Dance
Sokacko Kolo Croatia kolokoaliton
Soldati Ukraine drebhuhn
* Somogy Karikazo Hungary royisdancing
* Somogy Karikazo Hungary gpknh
* Somogyi Karikaza Hungary kolokoalition
* Somogyi Karikazo Hungary Mirri360
* Somogyi Karikazo Hungary Mirri360
Sonata Israel kolokoalition
* Sopska Petorka Macedonia ifdocdfio
* Soroc Romania kolokoalition
Spaer Li Kochav Israel gpknh
Spanking Jack U.S.A. Danskantvzw
Spinnradl zu zweit Austria SchneeweisPeter
* Srbijanka Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Srbijanka Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Srbijanka Serbia ifdocdfio
* St. Bernard Waltz England Folkdance Noa-am
Sta Tria Palio Maoru Greece kolokoaliton
Stancinata Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Stara Djurdjevsak Serbia ifdocdfio
* Stara Sapcanka Serbia kolokoalition
Stara Tikvesko Macedonia mikadunav
* Stara Vlajna Serbia Danskantvzw
* Stara Vlajna Serbia Vicovac
Starcevska Racenica Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Staro Bansko Bulgaria royisdancing
Staro Davny Romania SchneeweisPeter
Staro Gradesnicko Bulgaria kolokoalition
Staro Gradesnicko Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Staro Gradesnisko Ho Bulgaria inbows
Staro Zagorsko Horo Bulgaria gpknh
Starodavny Mamenka Czech Danskantvzw
Stella di maggio Italy Mirri360
Stenka Russia kolokoalition
* Steppin Out U.S.A. rikudeyam
* Steppin Out U.S.A. Folkdance Noa-am
* Steppin' Out U.S.A. Dale Adamson
Stiga Mi Sa Momne Le Bulgaria drebhuhn
Stipsko Macedonia begodanzas
Sto imala ksmet Stam Macedonia croweberry
Sto mimi e Milo Macedonia royisdancing
Struga Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
* Strumicka Petorka Macedonia kolokoalition
* Sucacko Malo Kolo Croatia drebhuhn
* Sukacko Kolo Croatia mikadunav
Sulam Ya'akov Israel gpknh
Sumadinsko Serbia kolokoalition
* Summer Celebration U.S.A. Ira Weisburd
Svekrvino Macedonia Filip4eRocks
* Svornato Bulgaria gpknh
* Svornato Horo Bulgaria Sveta141177
Swede-Finn Mixer Scandinavia Dale Adamson
* Sweet Girl Armenia Mirri360
* Sweet Girl Armenia gpknh
* Sweet Girl Armenia royisdancing
* Sweet Girl Armenia kolokoaliton
* Syrtaki Greece PurdueHSA
* Syrtos Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Syrtos Greece royisdancing
Syrtos Kitrinou Greece royisdancing
* Syrtos Kitrinou Greece kolokoalition
Syrtos Paros Greece Kolo Dragan
Syrtos Pyleas Greece SchneeweisPeter
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T'filati Israel gpknh
Tai Tai Greece Danskantvzw
* Takanata Bulgaria royisdancing
* Takanata Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Takanata Bulgaria gpknh
Talgoxen Sweden royisdancing
Talisker Scotland royisdancing
* Tamzara Armenia Mirri360
* Tamzara Armenia mikadunav
Tamzara Pompooreeg Armenia gpknh
Tanac Po Licki Croatia Mirri360
Tango Escondido U.S.A. gpknh
* Tango Poquito U.S.A. ifdocdfio
* Tanko Bushi Japan odorigirl
* Tanko Bushi Japan NBTimes
* Tanko Bushi Japan David Toshiyuki
* Tarentella Napolitan Italy begodanzas
Targovskata Bulgaria royisdancing
Targovskata Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Tasanac Croatia SchneeweisPeter
* Te Aven Baxtale Romania Mirri360
* Te Aven Baxtale Romania inbows
* Te aven baxtale Romania royisdancing
* Te aven baxtale Romania royisdancing
* Teen Armenia ifdocdfio
Temna e Magla Bulgaria kolokoaliton
Tennessee Wig Walk U.S.A. Danskantvzw
Terevelska Raka Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Tervelska Tropanka Bulgaria gpknh
Tesbih Turkey gpknh
Tesi Duz Halay Turkey gpknh
Tessera Matio Dhio K Greece kolokoalition
* Teton Mountain Stomp U.S.A. Folkdance Noa-am
* Teton Mountain Stomp U.S.A. royisdancing
The Caller's Wife England royisdancing
The Dressed Ship England anerdydancer
The Walls of Limeric Ireland The Ceili & Craic
Three Hand Fling Ireland kolokoalition
Three Hand Fling Ireland royisdancing
Tie a Yellow Ribbon U.S.A. iraweisburd
Tik Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Tikho nad Richkoju Ukraine ifdocdfio
* Tino Mori Macedonia Dale Adamson
* Tino Mori Macedonia Irayda
Tis Petheras Greece Kolo Dragan
Tiszti-Sirba Oficera Romania begodanzas
Tnu Tipa Neshama Israel gpknh
* Tojcevo Serbia kolokoalition
* Tokyo Dontaku Japan Dale Adamson
* Tokyo Polka Japan tsgeisel
* Tokyo Polka Japan kolokoaliton
Tora Hora Israel gpknh
Tora de la Cogealac Romania SchneeweisPeter
Tora de la Cogealac- Romania SchneeweisPeter
Torlashko Horo Bulgaria chwor151
* Toska (Memede) Macedonia mikadunav
* Trei Pazeste Romania Mirri360
* Trei Pazeste Romania Kolo Dragan
* Trei Pazeste Romania ifdocdfio
* Trgnala Rumjana Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Trgnala Rumjana Macedonia royisdancing
Tri Devojke Zborile Serbia hoppahajo
Tridans fra Meraker Romania royisdancing
Triolett Germany Dale Adamson
* Trip to Paris England ncfcasc
* Trite Pati Bulgaria winagunn
* Trite Pati Bulgaria niki76gg
* Trite Pati Bulgaria mihailnedev
* Trite Puti Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Trite Puti Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Troaca Bulgaria kolokoaltion
Troaca Romania royisdancing
* Troika Russia SchneeweisPeter
* Troika Russia Begona Rodriguez
* Troika Russia begodanzas
* Trojanac Serbia kolokoalition
* Tropanka Bulgaria Dale Adamson
* Tropanka Bulgaria Danskantvzw
* Tropanka Dobrudja Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
Tropnalo Oro Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
* Tropotica de la Balt Romania ymshfolkdance
Tsakonicos Greece begodanzas
Tsakonikos Greece SchneeweisPeter
Tsakonikos Pelopone Greece begodanzas
Tsamika Tria Greece Dale Adamson
Tsamika Tria Greece Dale Adamson
* Tsamikos Greece royisdancing
* Tsamikos Greece ifdocdfio
* Tsamikos Greece SchneeweisPeter
* Tsamikos Greece gpknh
Tsirigotikos Greece SchneeweisPeter
Tso Tso Greece Kolo Dragan
Tsone (Shopluk) Bulgaria gpknh
Tu Romnie Romania royisdancing
* Tubarosza Csardas Hungary ifdocdfio
Tuluttooq Greenland royisdancing
Tumankuqe Albania royisdancing
Tura Fetelor & Rosia Romania gpknh
* Turceasca Romania royisdancing
Turkish Debka Israel iraweisburd
* Turkish Hora Turkey SchneeweisPeter
* Turkish Hora Turkey gpknh
* Turkish Hora Turkey sychou814
Turkish Kiss Israel royisdancing
Tutira Mai Ngua Iwi New Zealand Begona Rodriguez
Tutira Mai Ngua Iwi New Zealand begodanzas
Tvardisko Horo Bulgaria kolokoaltion
* Twelth Street Rag U.S.A. Folkdance Noa-am
Twenty Ninth of May England Danskantvzw
* Tzadik Katamar Israel begodanzas
* Tzadik Katamar Israel SchneeweisPeter
* Tzadik Katamar Israel begodanzas
* Tzadik Katamar Israel Danskantvzw
* Tzadik Katamar Israel Dale Adamson
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* U Naseto Selo Bulgaria ifdocdfio
U Rekee Russia royisdancing
U Rekee Russia kolokoalition
U'vau Ha'ovdim Israel gpknh
Ugros Hungary Dale Adamson
* Ugros Hungary gpknh
Unsareste de la Tudo Romania hoppahajo
* Urva Fanka Macedonia kolokoalition
* Usest Serbia Kolo Dragan
* Uske Gugas Armenia SchneeweisPeter
* Usti Baba Gypsy Kolo Dragan
* Uzicka Carlama Albania Lenn111
* Uzicko Kolo Serbia svicarac
Uzicko kolo Serbia kolokoalition
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* Vaklaj Vaklaj Bulgaria ifdocfio
* Valle Kcim Kosovo ifdocdfio
* Valle Nuseve Nga Kor Albania royisdancing
* Valle Pogonishte Albania royisdancing
Valle Shqiptare Albania Kolo Dragan
* Valle e Dhardes Albania Mirri360
Valle e Permetit Albania kolokoalition
Valle e Qemalit Albania kolokoalition
Valle e Zagorise Albania Danskantvzw
Vana Oror Shoros Armenia kolokoalition
* Varnenska Tropanka Bulgaria kolokoaliton
* Varnenska Tropanka Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Varnensko Horo Bulgaria ralvesmar
* Varnensko Horo Bulgaria Sveta141177
Varnensko Horo Bulgaria Big8Bite
Vasilice Macedonia kolokoalition
Vasillo Archontissa Greece SchneeweisPeter
Vay Vay Halime Turkey hoppahajo
Vecera Sino Macedonia kolokoalition
Veceraj Sino Bulgaria kolokoalition
Veliko Kolo Serbia drebhuhn
Vendegkuldo Hungary Danskantvzw
* Vidinsko Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Vidinsko Horo Bulgaria Danskantvzw
* Vidinsko Horo Bulgaria inbows
* Vidinsko Horo Bulgaria ifdocdfio
Vino Pijav Bulgaria kolokoalition
* Virginia Reel U.S.A. sychou814
Vlacha Greece SchneeweisPeter
Vlasencuta Romania Danskantvzw
Vlashko Cukano Bulgaria gpknh
Vlaska Kola Serbia radekosan
Vlaski Sat Serbia kolokoalition
Vlaski Sat Serbia SchneeweisPeter
* Vlasko Bulgaria royisdancing
* Vlasko Bulgaria Kolo Dragan
* Vodeno Horo Bulgaria royisdancing
Volim u Kolu Croatia SchneeweisPeter
* Vrapcheto Bulgaria SchneeweisPeter
* Vreapceto Bulgaria gpknh
* Vreapceto Bulgaria sychou814
Vrni se Vrni Macedonia kolokoalition
* Vulpita Romania kolokoalition
* Vulpiuta Romania Danskantvzw
* Vulpiuta Romania Kolo Dragan
* Vulpiuta Romania chezoik
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* Waltz Zeeman Holland ifdocdfio
Wandering Bird Taiwan gpknh
* Well Hall England MrHank1999
Wood Duck England royisdancing
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Xi Yang Yang China Dale Adamson
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* Ya Abud Israel kolokoaliton
* Ya Abud Israel ifdocdfio
Ya Mustapha Armenia gpknh
Ya Rayah Algeria drebhuhn
Ya Rayeh Algeria drebhuhn
* Ya da Kalinushku Lom Russia royisdancing
* Ya da Kalinushku Lom Russia hoppahajo
* Ya da Kalinushku Lom Russia royisdancing
* Ya da Kalinushku Lom Russia plazaartscenter
* Ya da Kalinushku Lom Russia kolokoalition
* Ya'abud Israel moshikohalevy
Yaldi Sheli Israel gpknh
Yar Ko Parag Armenia kolokoalition
Yas Na Lanka Macedonia Dale Adamson
* Yeni Yol Turkey SchneeweisPeter
* Yes Siretsi Armenia ifdocdfio
Ying Bin Wu China Dale Adamson
Ying Bin Wu Taiwan Dale Adamson
* Yocul dea Lungul Romania ifdocdfio
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* Za Pusti Pari Prokle Macedonia umutcanserbest
* Zagorisios Greece Dale Adamson
* Zagorisios Greece ifdocdfio
* Zagorissios Greece kolokoalition
* Zagoritikos Greece kolokoalition
* Zaiko II Greece gpknh
* Zajko Kokorajko Macedonia kolokoalition
* Zalna Majka Macedonia SchneeweisPeter
Ze Hazemer Israel gpknh
* Zemer Atik Israel Dale Adamson
* Zemer Atik Israel begodanzas
* Zemer Atik Israel mecatx
* Zemer Atik Israel Hageulah
* Zemer Atik Israel begodanzas
Zemer Chatanim Israel gpknh
Zemer Nooge Israel gpknh
Zemer Nugeh Israel gpknh
Zemjo Makedonska Macedonia Dale Adamson
Zeno Croatia Dale Adamson
* Zenska Siptarska Igr Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Zenska Siptarska Igr Kosovo gpknh
* Zensko Berance Macedonia winagunn
* Zensko Berance Macedonia mikadunav
* Zensko Kapansko Horo Bulgaria Lenn111
* Zensko Krsteno Macedonia drebhuhn
* Zensko Krstento Macedonia ifdocdfio
* Zensko za Raka Bulgaria ifdocdfio
* Zensko za Raka Macedonia iraweisburd
* Zensko za Raka Macedonia royisdancing
* Zensko za Raka Macedonia mikadunav
Zigeunerpolka Germany Danskantvzw
* Zillertaler Laendler Austria antsquare
* Zillertaler Laendler Austria ifdocdfio
* Zillertaler Laendler Austria languagevillages
Zimushka Russia kolokoalition
Zohi Artsi Israel Danskantvzw
Zonaradikos Greece Danskantvzw
Zonaratikos Greece SchneeweisPeter
Zweifacher Alter Kat Germany Folkdance Noa-am
Zydeco Slide U.S.A. royisdancing

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