Essen Folk Song Database

Updated 2013-10-02

This is a collection of about 8000 European and Chinese folk songs written in Essen Associative Code (EsAC). This database was started under the direction of the late Helmut Scaffrath who invented the EsAC code. I converted the database into abc music notation using a tcl/tk script that I wrote. I am grateful to Damien Sagrillo and Ewa Dahlig-Turek who made available several other collections (HAYDN.SM, IRL.SM, LUX.SM, LOT.SM, HAN1.SM and HAN2.SM which were not publicly available.)

A few more collections were found on the web site in the form of kern scores. They were converted into abc files using hum2abc producing chinese collections -, and The Polish database was found in the esac folder (dwok01_*.sm) and converted into abc files using my software. They were added to this collection in October 2013. dwok01_1 dwok01_2 dwok01_3
dwok01_4 dwok01_5 dwok01_6 dwok01_7

Tcl script for converting EsAC code to abc: esac2abc.tcl

everything in a zip file

Note I fixed on October 6 2010. See readme.txt in for more details. November 18 2010: many of the measures (bars) do not correspond to the length indicated in the time signature. I regenerated all the abc files but some problems still persist (see readme.txt).

For reference, the kern files were converted to abc files using the command
hum2abc --no-slur --dir myfolder >

Hum2abc was found on the page

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