Abc files derived from **kern files

There are over 100,000 music files encoded in **kern data format. Many of these are accessible from the Kern Scores web site and here. **kern files notate music using the Humdrum representation described in this document. Like abc music notation, the **kern music notation is plain ascii text and any text editor can be used to create and edit these files.

Humdrum and **kern music notation were developed by David Huron. Humdrum is a toolkit designed for music research. Extensive documentation on this system may be found in this introduction and in Humdrum -extras.

Here are several abc files that I created using Craig Sapp's hum2abc.
link to file contents source encoder Skid and Chaui Bands music Pawnee Music David Huron Teton Sioux music Teton Sioux Music Craig Sapp Chippewa Music Chippewa Music Paul von Hippel and Daniel T. Shanahan

More information about Densmore Project can be found on this web page and in these publications ICMPC, and JNMR.

The **kern sources to can be found on the web page craigsapp/densmore-teton-sioux. Please scroll down for more information on the source material and how to extract it from github.

The data is Licensed with Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)