Contra Dancing in Ottawa
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Ottawa Contra Dance

Starting September 2009 The City of Ottawa will have  Contra dancing on first and third Saturday each month.  This page provides  a combined Schedule of  Contra Dances in Ottawa and nearby communities. Also there are links to  Contra Dances in the nearby region and festivals of interest near Ottawa. Even though the information here is presumed to be accurate and kept current, however,  please note that the information is gathered mostly by consulting flyers, e-mail or by word of mouth and similar unofficial resources and there may be last minute changes. Please feel free to contact me if you find that information here is not correct and needs updating. If you wish to receive occasional e-mail notification about contra dance related events  in Ottawa and nearby areas you can join the "Contradancers" Mailing List.

Dance Schedule
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Contra Dancing Near Ottawa

Nearby Dance Festivals / Week Ends

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