Nil Liberg's EasyABC is a popular abc editor. Unfortunately, it has not been updated for a while and there are a few outstanding bugs. A few people have contributed some fixes which are included with this patched version. It was last updated on October 26 2014 14:24 EST. Version p9 includes my own program which contains some features I am planning to include in later versions of easyabc.

Executables for the bin/ folder are not included to reduce the size of the distribution; however bin/notes.txt indicates where you can find these executables. Without the executables, this zip file is less than 500 kilobytes. The executable would increase the zip file to more than 3 megabytes.

Binaries for Debian and Ubuntu can be found on Guido Gonzato's Abc Plus project web page.

I have managed to create a Windows executable which you can find in the following zip file. It works on my Windows 7 64-bit system but I do not know whether it will work on yours. Updated 2014-10-26.

A windows setup file which will install easyabc09 is found here setupEasy09.exe. SetupEasy09.exe was created on 2014/10/26. I yet to figure out how to put a shortcut link to abccore.exe in the start button.

I have updated a guide (originally written by Chuck Boody) with a list of the new features in EasyAbc_p09 which you can find here .

We are indebted to Frederic Aupepin who has contributed many of these patches.